Laurel & Lawton is named after the towns my grandparents grew up in – Laurel, Mississippi and Lawton, Oklahoma. It’s a tribute to them as individuals and to their marriage. Laurel & Lawton is a gift and home accessories boutique inspired by a whimsical and one-of-a-kind cat statue my grandfather gave as a peace offering to my grandmother, hoping it would be the perfect “I’m sorry” gift. My grandmother couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculous statue when she saw it, breaking the tension after an argument, and the fanciful seated cat statue took its place in their powder room for decades and now has a new home at Laurel & Lawton.

A love of gift-giving and an eye for the whimsy led me to open Laurel & Lawton. My sweet niece and occasionally my Boston Terrier, Hugo Pinckney, help me run the shop and enjoy helping with selecting the perfect gift!